Entomology Graduate Student Symposium

An opportunity for students to present their research and to see what their fellow students are working on

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Entomology Graduate Studies Program - Degree Options

Graduate Degree Options in Entomology
  1. Master's Program -- Students with appropriate baccalaureate degrees can apply for a Master's program in entomology. There are two Master's degree programs:
    • M.E. -- Master of Entomology - this is a non-thesis degree program, although students may be required by their committees to engage in a project of some sort.
    • M.S. - Master of Science - this program requires the student to carry out a research project and write a thesis.
  2. Admitted as M.S., transfer to Ph.D. program -- Students with baccalaureate degrees can be admitted to an M.S. program, then after 2 semesters may petition to bypass the Master's degree to obtain a Ph.D. in entomology. (Only granted if outstanding progress has been made.)
  3. Ph.D. -- Students with M.S. degrees can apply for a Ph.D. program in entomology.
  4. Ph.D. with M.S. bypass -- Exceptional students with baccalaureate degrees can apply directly for the Ph.D. program.