Entomology Graduate Student Symposium

An opportunity for students to present their research and to see what their fellow students are working on

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Graduate Program Forms & Links

Forms & links related to your graduate program.

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HR-Bookkeeping Forms

Forms related to payroll, travel and reimbursement.

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Financial Assistance For Graduate Studies in Entomology

Financial Aid

The availability of graduate teaching and research assistantships varies from year to year. Faculty often have assistantship funds from grants for specific projects. There are a few department-funded research and teaching assistantships. Consideration for assistantships is given only after the prospective student's application has been approved by the Graduate Student Recruitment Committee.

Assistantships provide a stipend and benefits. Benefits include in-state tuition, fees, and health insurance (as long as the student remains on an assistantship).   Providing that satisfactory progress is being made toward the degree, assistantships are guaranteed for:

  • 2½ years (5 semesters) for the M.S. degree
  • 3½ years (7 semesters) for the Ph.D. with M.S.
  • 4½ years (9 semesters) for the Ph.D. without M.S.

Click HERE to view any available assistantships in the department.

Specific Fellowships and Scholarships:  There are also several specialized fellowships and scholarships available to qualified students.  These awards include:

Other Financial Aid Sources:  Students who cannot secure an assistantship through the department can apply for College and University financial aid as described in the following links: