Entomology Graduate Student Symposium

An opportunity for students to present their research and to see what their fellow students are working on

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Forms & links related to your graduate program.

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HR-Bookkeeping Forms

Forms related to payroll, travel and reimbursement.

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Graduate Teaching Fellowship

The Department of Entomology at NCSU has established two options for offering doctoral students an opportunity for a significant teaching experience. The Entomology Teaching Fellowship, to be first offered in the Fall, 2011 semester, is a two-semester program accommodating two doctoral candidates per academic cycle. There are two options for the fellowship based on the course to be taught.

Option: ENT 201, Insects and People, is a sophomore level science course for non-science majors taught by Clyde Sorenson. Under this option, during the fall semester, the incumbent will prepare for his/her teaching experience through observation in the classroom, participation in university teaching workshops, and development of pedagogy for the teaching semester. The student will then teach a small (ca. 22-student) section of ENT 201, designated ENT 201Q, for the University First Year Inquiry program, which is limited to freshmen.

Option: ENT 110, General Entomology, is a core entomology course for the College of Agriculture and Life Science’s Agricultural Institute, which offers Associate-level degrees in practical aspects of agriculture and horticulture. Under the ENT 110 option, the candidate will assist and observe the instructor for the course in her/ his first fall semester in the program, and then will instruct the course under the direction of John Meyer the following fall semester. The candidate will be expected to participate in university teaching workshops during the observation/assistance semester. Selection for participation in the program will be competitive, with the selection process initiated during each spring semester; a stipend enhancement will be provided to the successful incumbent during the teaching semester.

For application guidelines and information, contact Dr. Clyde Sorenson (919-515-8427).