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The training facility currently consists of a classroom and demonstration pavilion..

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Termite Technician Training

A 1½ day workshop that incorporates both classroom and outdoor hands-on activities.

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Termite Troubleshooting Class

A one-day workshop for termite techician supervisors who need to assess problem situations.

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Pest ID Workshops

Pest Identification & Management. License Exam preparation......

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Structural Pest Management Training & Research Facility

The Structural Pest Management Training Facility

The Structural Pest Management Training and Research Facility represents a partnership of NC State University
with the North Carolina Pest Management Association and the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Its mission is to provide pest management professionals and other specialized groups with invaluable training opportunities in topics concerning structural pest management.  The facility is located at the College of Agriculture
and Life Science's Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory and is part of the J. Edward Booth Field Learning Laboratory which is a collaboration with the Department of Soil Science and Department Biological and Agricultural Engineering which conduct training related to waste water management and groundwater protection.

Articles about the facility: Upcoming Workshops, Spring 2018
CALS Perspective - Spring 2007 Termite Technician Program: May 9-10
CALS Perspective - Spring 2008 Cockroach ID & Management - March 15
  Ant ID & Management: March 14
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