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The training facility currently consists of a classroom and demonstration pavilion..

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Termite Technician Training

A 1½ day workshop that incorporates both classroom and outdoor hands-on activities.

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Termite Troubleshooting Class

A one-day workshop for termite techician supervisors who need to assess problem situations.

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Pest ID Workshops

Pest Identification & Management. Realtor training. License Exam preparation......

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Structural Pest Management Training Facility Personnel

NCDA&CS Inspectors lead  discussions of termite treatment regulations during the Termite Technician Workshop

Training programs draw upon expertise from various disciplines and groups including NCSU's
Entomology Department, the NC Department of Agriculture &  Consumer Services, the
North Carolina Pest Management Association, and other appropriate organizations as needed.

Two Extension faculty are responsible for organizing current programs and planning
future workshops:
- Patty Alder
- Mike Waldvogel