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The training facility currently consists of a classroom and demonstration pavilion..

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Termite Technician Training

A 1½ day workshop that incorporates both classroom and outdoor hands-on activities.

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Termite Troubleshooting Class

A one-day workshop for termite techician supervisors who need to assess problem situations.

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Pest ID Workshops

Pest Identification & Management. Realtor training. License Exam preparation......

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Termite Troubleshooting Class


The Termite Troubleshooting Class is a one-day course intended for experienced termite technicians or individuals that supervise or manage termite technicians.
The program focuses on new and  non-traditional construction that often make standard termite treatments challenging. Participants will discuss and learn the best approach to effectively treat for termites in these situations. Participants inspect an actual house to simulate situations where they would be performing troubleshooting or quality assessments on technician work.
Termite troubleshooting workshop attendees doing a crawlspace inspection
Class participants inspect a home for damage and proper treatment.
Other components of the class include discussions of real problem situations that have occurred and were investigated by the NC Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, as well as how to troubleshoot equipment problems.


Termite troubleshooting class discussion of problems
Walt Cooper, a local pest management professional, leads a discussion about difficult treatment situations and solutions.