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Urban Structural Entomology - Related Courses

The following courses cover topics related to Urban Structural Entomology and are included as parts of curricula for individuals interested in this area and in related fields.  Other courses offered within the Entomology program and across the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences may fit the specific needs of students depending on their research and career interests.

Title & Description Schedule
ENT121* Pesticides & Their Utilization (Waldvogel)
Basic characterization, classification, chemical and physical properties of pesticides. Use of pesticides including environmental effects; Federal and State laws and regulations relating to their manufacture, distribution and use; safety procedures including handling and storage; and application equipment including types, calibration, use and maintenance.
Fall Semester
ENT132* Urban Pest Management (Alder)
Practical course on the principles of integrated pest management as they apply to household, industrial and wood-destroying pests.
Fall Semester
ENT163* Ornamental & Turf Insects (Waldvogel)
This is a practical course in the biology, recognition, and control of common insect pests which attack ornamental shrubs and trees, lawns,and turf grasses.
Spring Sem.
ENT190* Current Topics in Pest Management. (Waldvogel). Discussions of current topics of pest management. Topics selected by the students and instructors to include different phases of pest management. Discussions led by leaders in the various facets of the industry. Spring Sem.
(odd years)
ENT425 General Entomology (Orr)
This course explores the science of entomology by focusing on the basic principles of systematics, morphology, physiology, development, behavior, ecology, and control of insects. Field trips provide opportunities to collect insects and study their adaptations to a wide variety of natural environments.
Fall Semester
ENT582 Medical and Veterinary Entomology (Watson)
The morphology, taxonomy, biology and control of the arthropod parasites and disease vectors of man and animals. The ecology and behavior of vectors in relation to disease transmission and control.
Spring Sem.
(even yrs)


Seminar in Urban Entomology (Schal)
This course acquaints students with: 1) urban pests (other than those attacking plants) and the risks they pose to human health and to economic, environmental, and aesthetic interests; 2) efforts to control or manage such pests including the limitations, risks, and benefits; 3) the industry devoted to the control of urban insect pests: its history, present status, and future directions.
Spring Sem.
(even yrs)

* Part of the curriculum for the CALS Agricultural Institute Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

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