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Urban Structural Entomology - Study Programs

Undergraduate Studies
preparing termites for DNA analysis

Althought there is no four-year undergraduate degree program in Entomology, students who are interested in this field can obtain an Entomology minor. Undergraduates may also find opportunities to participate in faculty research projects, particularly through the Honors Program or through part-time and/or summer employment. Contact individual faculty regarding employment opportunities.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers a two-year Associate Degree in Applied Science through the Agricultural Institute. Students take Entomology courses in the following urban-related fields of study:

A $1500 merit scholarship sponsored by the North Carolina Pest Management Association is available each year to a student in the Urban Pest Management major.

Graduate Studies

cockroach sampling at a hog farm There are numerous opportunities for graduate study in Urban Entomology covering both basic and applied research. Check the specific faculty programs to find topics of interest to you. The Entomology Department offers three graduate degree programs: Master of Entomology (non-thesis), Master of Science, and the PhD.

Financial Support for Graduate Studies
Prospective students must have financial support before being accepted into the graduate program. Individual faculty often have grant-funded research assistantships and there are a limited number of departmental teaching and research assistantships. Many students alternate semesters between teaching and research assistantships in order to gain valuable teaching experiences at both the undergraduate and graduate level. There are also a number of assistantships and fellowships sponsored by federal, state and private agencies.

Some basic research in aspects of molecular biology, genetics and behavioral ecology is supported by a limited number of fellowships available on campus through the William M. Keck Center for Behavioral Biology. There are also two awards specific to the Urban Entomology Program:

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