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Urban Fellowships

Urban Entomology Graduate Fellowships

The Department of Entomology at North Carolina State University has two graduate fellowships in Indoor Urban Entomology:

  • North Carolina Pest Management Association Fellowship
  • David R. Nimocks, Jr. Fellowship

These Fellowships support graduate training in the development and application of the principles of Integrated Pest Management in the structural, human-built environment. Fellows will conduct research on any of the major structural pest complexes or in environmental sciences related to structures and of concern to the pest management industry. The research supported under these Fellowships will be designed to contribute to our body of information on urban pests and to develop strategies for management of urban pest populations and long-range improvements in and sustainability of urban pest management. Projects may include, among others:

  • Alternative pest management strategies, such as Biological Control
  • IPM in structures (schools, animal production, etc.)
  • Chemical communication
  • Regulation of reproduction
  • Regulation of food intake, foraging behavior, and optimization of baits
  • Population genetics
  • Pesticide resistance and its management
  • Impact of urbanization on arthropod communities

The fellowships are available on a rotating basis to students with strong academic and/or research credentials.  Potential candidates should do the following:

  • Contact faculty in the urban structural entomology program (shown below) to discuss your research interests and the availability of the fellowship.
  • Submit an application for admission to the department graduate program.
  • Inlclude in your application for admission a letter expressing interest in the Indoor Urban Entomology Fellowship and  research topic(s) in this area.

For application information, contact: Dr. Wes Watson, Head Department of Entomology, Box 7613 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC 27695-7613

Other inquiries:
Dr. Coby Schal
Dr. Jules Silverman
Dr. Michael G. Waldvogel