Walgenbach, Jim

Professor of Entomology

Program area: 

Applied Insect Ecology and Pest Management

455 Research Drive
Mills River, NC 28732


B.S. University of Wisconsin (1979)
M.S. University of Wisconsin (1982)
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin (1984)

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Development and implementation of IPM programs on fruits and vegetables in Western North Carolina. The program objective is to expand the use of new pest control technology and enhance the pest control decision-making process by growers through the use of educational programs, on-farm tests, and cooperation with extension personnel and the crop protection industry.  Also serves as a source of information and services for the non-agricultural residents of Western North Carolina.


Research on the biology and ecology of arthropods affecting tree fruits and vegetables.  Specific areas being investigated include insect population dynamics, development of economic threshold levels, insecticide and acaricide resistance management strategies, biological control of spider mites, mating disruption of tortricid pests of tree fruits, use of chemigation in vegetable crops, and biology and management of brown marmorated stink bug in NC agroecosystems.