Classes at North Carolina State University

The Equine Educational Unit serves as a teaching facility and course supplement to the following courses:

ANS110-Introduction to Equine Science

ANS410-Equine Management 

ANS411-Management of Growing & Performance Horses



Our Equine Instructors


Dr. Paul Siciliano

Dr. Siciliano teaches ANS110, ANS410, and ANS411. He has been with the university since 2006 (after being at Colorado State University for over 10 years), and has a particular interest in equine nutrition and pasture management. In 2017, Dr. Siciliano was honored with both the North American Colleges & Teachers of Agriculture Educators Award and the American Society of Animal Science Equine Science Award.


Dr. Shannon Pratt-Phillips

Dr. Pratt-Phillips teaches ANS110 (among other classes) and has been with the university since 2006. She focuses on equine nutrition and exercise physiology. In 2017, Dr. Pratt-Phillips was awarded the Equine Science Society Outstanding Educator Award.


Lawson Walston

Mr. Walston (NCSU class of 1989) has been managing the Equine Educational Unit since 2005, and assists with the instruction of all on-site classes. He has a strong background in Thoroughbred race horse training and management, as well as equine reproduction. In 2015, Mr. Walston was named one of the "Top Five Movers and Shakers of the Horse Industry" by Hoofbeats Magazine.