Volunteer Information

Many students from North Carolina State University come to work at the Equine Educational Unit. No previous horse experience is neccessary in order to start working at this facility (just a good attitude and willingness to work!) and we welcome all majors. Volunteers are selected through an interview process that takes place at the beginning of each spring, summer, and fall. If you are interested in volunteering at the EEU, please contact our manager.

We perform many duties at the EEU in addition to the basic barn chores which include feeding, mucking stalls, watering, bush-hogging, and overall maintenance of the facilites. The EEU is a teaching and breeding facility, and student volunteers will have opportunities to work with everything from newborn foals to seasoned breeding stallions, and may even be asked to help with class instruction.


Internship Information

The Equine Educational Unit currently offers one internship in the spring. Students monitor and care for our broodmares, supervise foaling, and work with young foals to help give them a solid start to life. The internship is extremely involved and counts for class credit under the ANS492-External Learning Experience header. If you are interested in the Foaling Internship, please contact our manager.


Dormitory Information

The Equine Educational Unit has two private dormitories, with a maximum capacity of four residents. Eligible students may work at the farm in exchange for rent and can expect to be "on call" for equine emergencies, late-night medication administration, and evening checks on the horses. Contact our manager for more information.