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Faculty, Staff and Students, Numbers and Photographs

1890 Horticulture faculty photo

by Megan Weddington and Maria Onofrietti

The Department of Horticultural Science at NC State University is considered one of the top five programs in the United States. Over the past 10 years (1992-2002), the department has averaged 282 undergraduate students and 43 graduate students. The average student:faculty ratio is 6:1 and supporting staff, including technicians and secretaries, averages 61 employees. The department offers four degree programs: Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate.

The first faculty in 1888 consisted of four professorships:

  • agriculture, livestock, and dairying
  • horticulture, arboriculture, and botany
  • pure agriculture and agricultural chemistry
  • practical mechanics and pure and applied mathematics
  • english and bookkeeping

Wilber Fisk Massey was chosen to fill the chair of horticulture, arboriculture and botany. In 1889, Massey was also elected to serve as horticulturist of the experiment station.

Department of Horticultural Science budget:

  • 1938-39
    • $16,088
    • $11,888 salaries
    • $ 4,200 operations (equipment, supplies)
  • 2002-03
    • $4,219,225
    • $3,861,229 salaries
    • $ 357,996 operations

The first students to attend North Carolina State University were photographed around 1890 with the faculty and administration in the photo on the left. The graduate students in Horticultural Science for 2002 are shown in front of Kilgore Hall in the photo on the right (click on each image to see a larger version).

1890 Horticulture faculty and staff 2002 Horticulture faculty and staff

Numbers of faculty, staff and students have changed over time since the establishment of the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University. Below are the graphs for 1992 through 2002. They illustrate the number of students enrolled in the three Bachelor’s degree curriculums, General Horticulture, Landscape Horticulture, and Science Horticulture, and the Associate’s degree program, Ornamentals and Landscape Technology. (click on each image to see a larger version).

Horticulture Undergraduate Enrollment Horticulture Graduate Enrollment Horticulture Faculty and Staff statistics