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Horticultural Science Seminars Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Seminar Schedule

DATE: Monday, November 26, 2012
SPEAKER: Dr. Heather Kelejian, Cooperative Extension, New Hanover County
TITLE: Horticultural Therapy Programs in NC Cooperative Extension
Horticultural Therapy is a dynamic, versatile tool that can be used to benefit people of all ages and a wide variety of special needs. Two horticultural therapy programs that operate within NC Cooperative Extension will be highlighted, with a brief discussion on the education challenges facing those interested in a career in horticultural therapy.

DATE: Monday, November 12, 2012
SPEAKER: Dr. Brian Whipker, Floriculture Extension and Research, Dept of Horticultural Science, NCSU
TITLE:  iBooks Author: A New Frontier in Creative Publishing
The next frontier for books in the classroom and extension is eBooks.  In January 2012, Apple introduced iBooks Author.  It is an amazing, yet free, software package that allows authors to create interactive, multi-touch eBooks for use on iPads.  This seminar will introduce you to “What is” iBooks Author, illustrate quick mechanics for creating books, various styles of published books using iBooks Author, and explore possible applications of how you can use it in your teaching, extension, research or program.

DATE: Monday, October 29, 2012
SPEAKER: Mr. Keith Davis, Orchid Grower
TITLE: Propagation of the Ghost Orchid
Keith will talk about the difficulties he had in learning how to grow the rare and elusive Ghost Orchid found in southern Florida and Cuba. Keith will reveal some of the secrets he learned from trial and error and from looking at what nature provides as a lesson for the human curator of this species. He will also delve into some of the particulars on what it takes to artificially propagate this plant in vitro.

DATE: Monday, October 22, 2012
SPEAKER: Anne Spafford, MLA, Associate Professor of Horticultural Science, NCSU
TITLE: How I Spent My Study Leave: A 3-pronged approach to planting design
A semester free of teaching responsibilities allowed me to delve headfirst into what I love most: plants and planting design. Come hear about the elusive planting design process, my in-progress book on designing with plants, developing a method to assess rain gardens, built rain garden projects at Auburn and Western Carolina University, investigating the vertical gardens in Paris, Italy and Charlotte, NC and a few other topics that all fall under the headings: Pure Aesthetics and Composition, Environmental Soundness, and Impacting the Human Spirit.

DATE: Monday, October 15, 2012
SPEAKER: Robert Masson Biological Science, Technician USDA-ARS
TITLE: Barcoding with the Test Tracker
Free student designed software that will allow your research program to utilize barcode technology. Software package creates randomized complete block design tests, barcoded harvest labels, digital data collection files, and an easily updatable inventory & seed packing system. Software has been fully implemented in the USDA-ARS soybean plant breeding program in Raleigh for over a year, and has produced marked improvement in overall processing speed and accuracy. This software will allow you to affix a barcode label on material taken out of the field, process it digitally, and track its storage over many years.

DATE: Monday, October 1, 2012
SPEAKER: Dr. Lodge McCammon, Specialist in Curriculum and Contemporary Media, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, NC State University
TITLE: "Bubbling Up: Flipping the College Classroom with FIZZ"
Flipping the classroom is a teaching method that removes the lecture from class - providing time for innovative, collaborative and engaging lessons that increase student success.

DATE: Monday, September 24, 2012
SPEAKER: Dr. Barbara A. Fair, Dept of Horticultural Science, NC State University
TITLE:  Developing Sustainable Landscapes
Dr. Fair will share her adventures, experiences, and lessons learned since joining the NCSU horticulture department. Stepping out of the Kentucky foothills and into NC in the midst of a record-breaking drought was both challenging and rewarding. She will discuss her work with the green industry leaders in NC on this daunting issue. In addition, she will cover partnership building and industry education aimed at tackling the issues of developing long-term and healthy landscapes. Dr. Fair not only has an extension appointment, but also teaches. Although she started teaching the plant ID class for the Ag Institute in 2007 and 2008, she went on to teach both the landscape maintenance classes for the department. She currently serves as an advisor for the Hort Club, and has been a part of the PLANET team.

DATE: Monday, September 17, 2012
SPEAKER: Dr. Chris Gunter, Dept of Horticultural Science, NC State University
TITLE: “Horticultural Science's Role in the Improvement of Vegetable Production and Fresh Produce Safety"
North Carolina has a highly diverse vegetable production industry. For example we produce over 2,700 acres of tomatoes and close to 2,800 acres of peppers annually, with a combined value of over $44 million. These are just two of the major crops that Dr. Gunter, Vegetable Production Specialist at NC State University will be discussing at this Monday’s seminar. Fresh produce safety is significantly impacting the vegetable and fruit industry nationwide and Dr. Gunter’s research and extension efforts, initiated through his leadership in the NC Fresh Produce Safety Task Force will be highlighted. Come and get an update on what has been going on in the Gunter Lab.