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Horticultural Science Alumni Profiles

Alumni from N.C.S.U. Department of Horticultural Science are doing great things throughout the State, the Country and the World!

Jared Barnes

Graduated 2008, Masters of Science

Currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina With the PhD assistantship, I help in doing research for my advisors and teaching classes.

Blake Bowen

Graduated 2010, Masters of Science

Currently residing in Raleigh, NC I am a Research Specialist in Cotton Breeding at North Carolina State University. My job is probably 60% field work when you account planting, crossing, data collection, and harvesting. The remaining 40% of my time is spent in the lab doing genetic research, markers, DNA extractions, PCR, and processing field material and preparing for the following year.

Kimberly Harris

Graduated 2005, Bachelor of Science - Landscape Horticulture; Minor in Spanish

Currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina I am a landscape designer for Landvision Designs (located at Homewood Nursery). I meet potential clients, design conceptual plans, quote/bid on plans, present ideas to client, sell projects, finalize planting plans, order materials for projects, show installations to crew leader, visit jobs in progress, and help prepare final invoices. Our firm is very team-oriented and collaborate on many projects.

Dr. Andrew MacRae

Graduated 2005 PhD; 2001, Master of Science

Currently residing in Riverview, Florida I am an Assistant Professor in Weed Science. My position is 70% research/30% extension. Responsibilities include weed management in small fruits and vegetables and field grown ornamentals.

Thomas Murray, C.L.T.

Graduated 2005, Bachelor of Science - Landscape Horticulture

Currently residing in Charleston, South Carolina I work as a Senior Account Manager and Staff Horticulturist for The Greenery of Charleston. In my current role I manage all of our personnel and maintenance contracts on Daniel Island, design landscape enhancements, head our chemical program, equipment procurement and estimate commercial maintenance projects.

Dr. Robert Mwanga

Graduated 2001, PhD

Currently residing in Kampala, Uganda I am a sweetpotato breeder for Sub-Saharan Africa (East and Central Africa, sub-region), working for the International Potato Center (CIP), based in Kampala, Uganda

Hilary Nichols

Nursery and Volunteer Manager-EcoAddendum, a non-profit native plant conservation, sales, and education group.

I guide students in designing and installing school and green spaces, native plant gardens to support birds, bees, and butterflies. Individually and as a team, I teach classes to everyone from adults to kindergarteners. I find and guide volunteers to helping EcoAddendum attain our mission of incorporating native plants back into Georgia's landscape. I collect seed, rescue plants from construction projects, and buy in propagation material to be able to provide schools and the public with local native plants that attract pollinators. I build partnerships with local botanists, rangers, nurseries, communities, and professional organizations.