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Bookkeeping Procedures

Departmental Contact: Sheree Avent, email:

P Card Usage

Before using a Pcard for travel, you need a TA approved and in place for all out of state/country or overnight expenses. If you are using another person's Pcard, you must give them this number as well as the FAS account number you want to charge before you do anything with the card.

1) You cannot pre-pay lodging. You can reserve the first night, but the State cannot pre-pay for something not received. If you use the Pcards to pre-pay lodging and then do not use the rooms, you are responsible for paying the University back those funds. You also cannot use non-standard vendors. They must be accepted commercial lodging establishments.

2) Excess meals, (most banquets) on reservations and personal, non-work related tours offered as part of many out of state and international workshops and conferences cannot be paid for with the University Pcard. You will have to cover those things with personal funds and request reimbursement if allowed later.

3) You cannot pay for personal meals in travel status. You can take out others and yourself but this must have a list of attendees noting State employees, a detailed receipt signed by John Dole or the Dean if there is alcohol and you must have an Ag Foundation account to pay this expense from.

4) Memberships and subscriptions can only be for 1 year and cannot be mailed to a personal address. Please be aware that many organizations bill multiple times for the same year so be careful not to accidentally pay your memberships/subscription more than once.

5) If you use the card at a business, you must get a detailed receipt, especially with Paypal accounts and provide FAS account number on invoice. Marketplace must be used before the Pcard because of tax and pricing issues.

6) You can never buy a computer or laptop on the Pcard. All exceptions must be applied for and signed off at the University level by the computer program auditors and all orders must be made through Marketplace. This is a State of NC rule, not the University and there is no way around it.

7) There is a list of un-allowable businesses. Please read and be aware that you cannot use banned vendors nor vendors in the un-allowed groups of items and services. This can be found on the Purchasing website.

And lastly, please turn in receipts and supporting documents immediately to the cardholder so that they can be turned in to the reconciler. Late or incomplete receipts can cause the cards to be suspended or cut off permanently.