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BOCCCE-Before Operations Commence or Change – Evaluate

BOCCE is a hazard awareness tool that has been developed to assist staff and students review potential hazards associated with new tasks and experiments prior to use.  This voluntary use on-line application is intended to assist in identification of potential hazards and identify sites where hazard awareness and control information sites exist, can be used in combination with Material Safety Date Sheets and Safety Plan content review.

Take the opportunity to review three additional sites where information has been developed to fill safety needs at our university.  Items 1 and 2 below were developed / edited to address potential hazards which resulted in a graduate student fatality at UCLA.  Item 3 is a compilation of chemical safety information to address OSHA requirements for laboratory use of chemicals.  Questions on the following can be referred to

  1. Use of Pyrophoric Liquids at NC State
  2. Use of Lab Coats at NC State
  3. NC State Chemical Hygiene Plan

This information was updated on October 17, 2011 based on a letter distributed to campus by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

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