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Staff Responsibilities

Administrative Responsibilities (March 13, 2013)

  • Building requests- For Kilgore Hall, Gregory Scott will make the requests and follow up on progress. When Gregory is not here, please inform Michelle Healey or Rachel McLaughlin. Kerry Olive is already set up to submit requests for Fox Greenhouses and can also call in requests for HFL Greenhouses.
  • Cost share letters- Michelle Healey should receive the letters/requests. She will prepare the letters and get them signed.
  • Departmental notices- Please send general departmental emails to Michelle Healey to distribute. Rachel McLaughlin should receive emails concerning the graduate program and Katie Granack for the undergraduate program.
  • Human resources- Michelle Healey is our department contact person.
  • Incoming phone calls– Katie Granack and Rachel McLaughlin will handle as needed.
  • Invoices- Michelle Healey will collect invoices and distribute to appropriate office in CALS business center. Rachel McLaughlin and Katie Granack can receive invoices, if Michelle Healey is not available.
  • Signatures- Michelle Healey will collect documents (ie. travel and reimbursements) and get them signed.
  • Time sheets- Katie Granack will have primary responsibility for bi-weekly time sheets and will answer questions. Michelle Healey and Rachel McLaughlin can receive them if Katie Granack is not available. Michelle Healey will received SPA monthly time sheets.
  • Video conferencing- Contact Michelle Healey to turn on the Polycom in 121 Kilgore.
  • Year end leave reconciliation- Michelle Healey