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Horticulture Extension Portal

Horticulture Extension Portal

The outreach portal is a hub for the Department of Horticultural Science program efforts, covering our fields of expertise (Gardening, Ornamentals, Fruits, Vegetables, Specialty Crops, Organics, Pest Management and Weed Management) connecting specialists, agents, growers and industries to individuals, promoting best horticultural practices developed from research-based data.

Did you know that there is an entire portion of NCSU with thousands of employees and volunteers ready to help you? Cooperative Extension is the arm of the N.C. State University Department of Horticultural Science that reaches out to industries and individuals across North Carolina, and in some cases nationally, to bring research data, practical information and practices to those in the world of horticulture. One of the primary missions of the Extension program is to provide research-based information to the public and industries of North Carolina in an unbiased manner with the hopes of enriching the practices, lives, and businesses of those within horticulture and agricultural fields. Each county in North Carolina is equipped with Extension Agents who are charged with applying information from the research conducted by the university to problems the consumers or growers in their area may face.

As for Horticultural Science here at N. C. State University, many of our Extension Specialists are given both research and extension appointments so we are better able to look at and apply the most current techniques and practices within the broad world of horticulture. At the University level, Extension Specialists work with County Agents, Master Gardeners, 4-H, and commodity groups to provide support.  Many Specialists and Agents in the Extension Program are able to offer publications, fact-sheets, personal websites, and even training programs as outreach resources.  There is hardly a greater asset to consumers, industries, or growers than Extension, and with support from Horticultural Science’s Extension Faculty and Staff, the Extension Agents across the state are able to continue in aiding countless people and companies through their efforts.

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