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Wine Grape Production

The grape and wine industry in North Carolina is now worth in excess of $30 million dollars. To assist NC growers in the production a quality grapes for quality wines, a newly revised 196 page guide has been written for winegrape growers, called the North Carolina Winegrape Grower’s Guide. This publication provides grape growers with practical information about choosing an appropriate site for a vineyard, establishment, and operation of commercial vineyards in North Carolina. It includes a new chapter on spring frost control and examines the pros and cons of active frost protection systems.

Wine grapes

The new NC Winegrape Grower's Guide (196 pp) is now in stock, and this guide takes the place of Mid-Atlantic Production Guide. Ordering: books can be ordered from Publications Office, Dept. of Communications Services, Campus Box 7603, NCSU, Raleigh NC 27695-7603. Price $20 (quite reasonable), and the check is made payable to NC State University.

  • Special Thanks - This new guide represents the collective effort of many individuals. I wish to gratefully acknowledge the significant contributions of the chapter authors. Particular thanks are also extended to the following individuals and institutions for their special contributions to The North Carolina Winegrape Growers Guide:
    • Dr. Tony K. Wolf, Director of Alson H. Smith Jr. Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Winchester, VA, who graciously gave permission to adapt information from his classic chapter on Vineyard Site Selection (Chapter 4), in The Mid-Atlantic Winegrape Growers Guide (Wolf and Poling, 1995), to the newly revised chapter on site selection (Chapter 4) in The North Carolina Winegrape Growers Guide.
    • Mr. Andy Allen, Extension Viticulturist, Institute for Continental Climate Viticulture and Enology, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, who co-authored Chapters 3 and 4, and for permission to use his color photographs of winegrape varieties that appear on the cover of the The North Carolina Winegrape Growers Guide, as well as in Chapter 3. Choice of Varieties. All of these photographs were taken in North Carolina vineyards by Andy Allen, former Extension Viticulturist, NC Cooperative Extension Service, during his employ at NC State University from 2001-2004.
    • Mr. Ashley Johnson, Ag. Research Technician I, Upper Piedmont Research Station, for his outstanding work in managing NC States research vineyard in Reidsville in the interim period from when Andy Allen left for The University of Missouri in July 2004, and when Dr. Sara Spayd arrived in March 2006.
    • Ms. Joan Gosper, Editing Team Coordinator, Communication Services, North Carolina State University, who provided careful editing of the entire guide and also gave tireless support and encouragement to me and all the chapter authors during this entire 18 month project. And special gratitude is also expressed to Mr. Gregory Miller, Graphics Coordinator, NC State University, Communication Services, for his great talent as the layout designer, and to Mr. Karl Larson, Graphic Designer, for developing such an attractive cover for The North Carolina Winegrape Growers Guide.
    • Finally, a special thanks to the editors family, Lindy and Ashley, for their support and understanding during this project.
  • Barclay Poling, Editor, NC Winegrape Growers Guide
    Professor and Extension Specialist (Small Fruit Crops)
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