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Residential Landscaping (HS 400)

6 credits (0-9-0) Fall, Spring
Preq: HS 211, 212, 342, LAR 430
Coreq: LAR 457

Course Description

The overall goal for HS 400, Residential Landscape Design Studio, is for students to develop the design skills and sensibility to pragmatically solve spatial problems in ways that add ‘magic’ to the lives of users of the spaces. Students will learn the art of creating meaningful and functional spaces that are based on client needs and site requirements using the principles of sustainability in a variety of landscape settings. The format of this course is primarily concerned with giving students the opportunity to evolved and strengthen their personal design processes. To this end, the course will consist of a series of design projects that will expose students to the range of problems typically encountered in a small-scale landscape design practice. While the emphasis in evaluating these projects is concerned with students’ processes and ideas, students’ drawings must look professional, finished, and presentable to clients.

Course Objectives

Throughout the semester, students will:

  • Further refine site inventory and analysis skills—understanding a site in terms of ecology, sociology, hydrology, etc.;
  • Learn how to create meaningful spaces using landform, structures, plants;
  • Develop skills for designing at a range of scales, from small properties to estates;
  • Develop skills for creative design for a range of budgets by understanding how to calculate take-offs and estimating/phasing;
  • Learn the art of interviewing clients and methods of obtaining client information;
  • Learn to create client-based and site-based designs;
  • Refine their presentation skills, both verbal and graphic, and know how to tailor them to specific clients; and
  • Develop a way of communicating graphically that enhances their design process and presentation.