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Learn about the Prospective North Carolina Fruit and Vegetable Industry Council (FVIC)

North Carolina Horticultural Council

The Horticultural Industries comprise a vast number of producers that together have a farm gate value of over $2 billion. This amount is multiplied many times over in the community, resulting in a major economic impact on other businesses and employment in the state of North Carolina. It’s for these reasons and others that it’s important for industry leaders and growers work to secure the future of Horticulture in the state of North Carolina.

Horticulturists can take advantage of Extension agents in their area for guidance or advice. Many commodity associations are also available to help both consumers and growers by providing information. Horticulture industries in the state are vital to the job market and a healthy relationship between industry and consumer is necessary for the success of any horticulture program.

Horticulturists should take part in their commodity association and join in with the N.C. Horticultural Council so that legislators can continually be educated on the importance of the Horticulture Industry, how it affects people in and the economy of North Carolina, and help ensure a prosperous future for the industry as a whole.

Horticulture Council officers         Horticulture Council by-laws

Commodity Groups

Complete List of Agricultural Commodity Groups (Link maintained at CALS)

Council Groups:

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association NC Christmas Tree Association NC Potato Association, Inc.
Carolinas Irrigation Association NC Commercial Blackberry and Raspberry Growers Association NC Sod Producers Association
Crop Protection Association of NC NC Commercial Flower Growers Association, Inc. NC State Grange
Eastern NC Christmas Tree Growers Association NC Farm Bureau Federation NC Strawberry Association
Green Industry Council NC Greenhouse Vegetable Growers Association NC Sweet Potato Commission
NC 4-H Development Fund NC Herb Association NC Tomato Growers Association
NC Agricultural Consultants NC Irrigation Society NC Vegetable Growers Association
NC Agritourism Networking Association NC Muscadine Grape Association NC Watermelon Association
NC Apple Growers Association NC Nursery and Landscape Association, Inc. NC Winegrower's Association
NC Beekeeper Association NC Peach Growers Society, Inc. Plant Food Association of NC, Inc.
NC Blueberry Council, Inc. NC Pecan Growers Association Turfgrass Council of NC
NC Pickle Producers Association

Adjunct Groups

NC Agricultural Foundation NC Agriculture Teachers' Association
NC Crop Improvement Association NC FFA Foundation, Inc
NC Foundation Seed Producers NC Growers Association, Inc.
NC Natural Products Association NC Seedsmens' Association