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Theodore E. (Ted)  Bilderback - Curriculum Vitae


Institution Years Degree Major
Kansas State University 1976   PhD  Hort. Science
Emporia State University 1973 MS Botany/Plt.Tax.
Emporia State University  1970  BSE Biological Sci.

Academic and Professional Appointments:

Rank/Position Place Dates
Professor Ext/Res/Teaching NCSU 1/1/2003-Present 
Professor Ext Specialist   NCSU   1/1/99-1/1/2003
Professor Ext/Res/Teaching  NCSU  7/1/97-12/30/98
Professor Ext. Specialist   NCSU  7/1/92 -6/30/97
Associate Professor Ext Specialist  NCSU  7/1/87 - 6/30/92
Associate Professor Teaching/Research NCSU 7/1/82 - 6/30/87
Assistant Professor Teaching/Research NCSU  1/1/77 - 6/30/82 

Areas of Specialization-Extension

Nursery crops extension specialist, program emphasis on cultural nursery practices; water quality and conservation, nursery crop nutrition, utilization of stabilized solid wastes, growth modification through skilled pruning practices.

Present Appointment:          Academic 28%, 42% Extension, 30% Research,

Present Program Empahsis Research

  • Investigate nursery management practices that increase growth and nutrient use efficiency.
  • Investigate nursery container irrigation practices that improve irrigation efficiency, reduce nutrient leaching, minimize runoff  and improve plant growth
  • Investigate economically available alternative container substrates components, by evaluating physical air and water characteristics, chemical analytical properties and effects on crop growth, photosynthesis, root zone temperature, water retention and nutrient utilization.
  • Investigate cultural practices leading to cost savings & increased profitability in nursery crops.


  • Chairman of the Ornamental Working Group (1998 to 2005); coordinate activities including organization of  NCSU Nursery Short Course and Twilight Field Day
  • Organize and participate in horticulture agent training workshops
  • Cooperate with agents on applied studies at their professional nursery clientele locations
  • Serve as departmental liaison/educational advisor to the NCAN/NCNLA (1999-2007)
  • Organize NCNLA workshops and nursery tours


  • Taught HS 471 Tree and Ground Maintenance lectures and labs spring semesters 1977-1987;
  • Taught HS051 Nursery Production Fall 1977-1987; & HS051/HS411, Fall 1997 & 1998
  • Taught HS 590N Environmental Nursery Production Practices, Fall 2003, 2005
  • Undergraduate students advised: (Career) BS 1977-1987 (147)
  • Graduate Student Adviser: Total: (20); Master of Hort (7); MS (5); PhD (8)
  • Graduate Student Committee’s: Total (20); Grad. School Rep.: (3)


  • Chairman of Horticulture Field Lab Space Assignment committee; 1996-2006

Publications: (Total Career  472) 2001-2005: Career
Journals 10 48
Research Reports and Proceedings 16 95
Abstracts 5 31
Book Chapters and Manuals 7 20
Other : Peer Reviewed Extension Publications 5 23
Popular Press Articles 66 219
Web Publications 2 55
Graduate Reports and Thesis publications   22
8 Ph.D; 6 MS; 8 MA: MH

Awards and Honors (Career):

Sou. Reg. ASHS Blue Ribbon Pub -Preparing Nursery Plants for Winter,1992;   AAN Ext Award 1993; ASHS Ext. Pub : A Small Backyard Greenhouse for the Home Gardener and Budding & Grafting Nursery Crop Plants (1994); Ext Education.Program Award: Environmentally Compatible Nursery Production Practices, 1995; SNA Porter Henegar Award, 1995; Epsilon Sigma Pi Extension  Professional Mid-Career Award,1995; ASHS Ext. Div. Edu. Materials Award “Best Management Practices for Field Production of Nursery Stock,1997; ASHS Disting. Achievement for Nursery Crops,1997; S R ASHS Blue Ribbon Pub "Water Considerations for Container Production of Plants"; N. C. Coop. Ext. Serv. “Outstanding Extension Service,1999;SNA Environmental Leadership, 1999; Emporia State University, Distinguished Alumni ,1999; Charter member NCSU Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension 2000.