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Dr. Dennis J. Werner
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Emeritus

Dennis Werner

Contact Information

Department of Horticultural Science
160 Kilgore Hall, Campus Box 7609
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7609


General Information

Dr. Werner has teaching responsibilities in plant propagation, herbaceous perennials, and breeding asexually propagated crops. Research focuses on breeding of peach, and herbaceous and woody ornamentals. Efforts in peach have focused on development of late-flowering and late-ripening cultivars.

Efforts in ornamental taxa have focused on breeding and genetic studies in Stokesia, Cercis and Buddleja. Current efforts are focused on the following traits in these genera: Stokesia (flower color, plant architecture), Cercis (leaf variegation, leaf and flower color, architectural mutants), Buddleja (flower color, inflorescence morphology, sterility, compact growth habit).