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Peach / Ornamental Breeding at NC State

Germplasm Releases

Cultivars, breeding lines, and populations released (in order by type and year of release).+

Cultigen name Released Important traits
Derby 1983 Early ripening
Contender 1987 Late flowering and exceptional cold hardiness
Carolina Belle 1987 Large fruit size, white flesh
Intrepid 1999 High cold hardiness
Challenger 1999 High cold hardiness
China Pearl 1999 White, low acid flesh, late blooming
Carolina Gold 2005 High quality, late ripening
Galactica 2005 Specialty "Chinese flat" peach, white flesh
Carolina Red 1983 Early ripening
Corinthian series 1999 Fastigiate growth habit series with double flowers
Buddleja series    
Cercis series