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Current Horticulture Graduate Students

Also see the former graduate students.

  Name / Degree Research Area Advisor
Alderidge, Ryan Alderidge, Ryan Blueberry tolerance to saflufenacil herbicide Dr. Jennings
Barkley, Susan Barkley, Susan (MS) Optimization of sweetpotato production in North Carolina. Research includes seeding density, in-row spacing, fertilization, herbicide tolerance, and variety trials Dr. Schultheis
Barrier, Hunter Barrier, Hunter (MS) Vegetable production Dr. Gunter
Bradish, Christine Bradish, Christine (PhD) Building the genomic infrastructure for raspberry in North Carolina Dr. Fernandez
Basinger, Nick Basinger, Nick (PhD) Effect of herbicide strip width and late season weed competition on wine grape growth and yield; Vegetative-free strip width effect on established 'Navaho' blackberry growth, yield and quality Dr. Jennings
Bhattarai, Krishna Bhattarai, Krishna (MS) Analysis of pathogen associated molecular pattern for screening bacterial spot resistance in tomato Dr. Panthee
Borsay, Amy Borsay, Amy (MHS) Restorative landscape design for soldiers in transition Ms. Spafford
Burgner, Gerald Burgner, Gerald (PhD) Horticultural ecology in the urgan landscape; Turfgrass alternatives to traditional turfgrass management Dr. Fair
Chaudhari, Sushila Chaudhari, Sushila (PhD) Competitiveness and herbicide tolerance of grafted tomatoes Dr. Monks
Chiu, Yu Chun Chiu, Yu Chun(MS) Phenolics compounds composition in broccoli Dr. Brown
Crumley, Jennifer Crumley, Jennifer (MS) Effects of genotype and environment on agronomic performance and phytochemical profile of Echinacea Dr. Davis
Ducharme, Diane Ducharme, Diane (PhD) Vegetable production Dr. Gunter
Elder, Kevin Elder, Kevin (MS) Impact of leaf removal red grape phenolic content and assessment of grape cultivars suited to North Carolina Dr. Spayd
Gillooly, Dominic Gillooly, Dominic (MS) A survey of the genus Kalmia utilizing flow cytometry and traditional cytology; Polyploid induction in Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens' for use in cultivar development; The effects of high rates of potassium salt of indole butyric acid on the rooting of evergreen Magnolia species Dr. Ranney
Gragg, Lauren Gragg, Lauren (MS) Physiology of woody landscape plants growing in urban environments Dr. Kraus
Granitz, Halley Granitz, Halley (MS) Improving the North Carolina cut flower industry Dr. Kornegay
Gu, Yu 'Luna' Gu, Yu 'Luna' (MS) Pollination mechanism determination of 12 cultivars of zinnia; DNA content detection of zinnia germplasm with flow cytometry; Polyploid induction in two zinnia species with Oryzalin; Differences of the economic productivity, disease resistance, flower quality between direct seeded vs. transplant zinnia and between season-long planting vs. rotated planting Dr. Kornegay
Hatch, Roselyn Hatch, Roselyn (PhD) Effects of matrix attachment regions and their effects on transgene expression in Arabidopsis Dr. Allen
Hootman, Travis Hootman, Travis (MS) Development of interspecific cut flower zinnias with resistance to bacterial leaf and flower spot Dr. Kornegay
Jacobs, Raymond Jacobs, Raymond (PhD) Inheritance of rate-limiting foliar resistance to anthracnose fruit and crown rot in commercial strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) Dr. Yencho
Jiang, Chen Jiang, Chen (PhD) Postharvest physiological changes of vegetable upon application of essential oils as an innovative washing sanitizer Dr. Perkins-Veazie
Johnson, Adam Johnson, Adam (MHS-DE) Landscape horticulture Dr. Davis
Jones, Ben Jones, Ben (MHS) Design and performance testing of a new modular green roof system for steep slope applications: a comparative analysis of runoff quantity and plant health at slopes of 25, 50 and 75% Ms. Spafford
Judd, Lesley Judd, Lesley (PhD) Analyses of consistently made biochar for chemical and physical properties and their effects on container substrates Dr. Jackson
Kim, Moo Jung Kim, Moo Jung (PhD) Storability, phenolic composition, and anti-inflammatory activities of organically growh blackberries Dr. Perkins-Veazie
Kressin, Jonathan Kressin, Jonathan (MS) Plant-pathogen interactions between tomato and bacterial wilt disease focusing on plant genetics of resistance in a grafted field tomato context Dr. Panthee
Li, Mengya Li, Mengya (MS) ACC physiological metabolism in early apple fruit abscission Dr. McArtney
Lin, Ying-Chen Lin, Ying-Chen (MS) Blueberry genomic mapping and QTL Dr. Brown
McElhannon, Michelle McElhannon, Michelle (PhD) Optimization of water and nutrient supply during adventitious root formation in vegetative annuals Dr. Dole
McNellie, James McNellie, James (MS) Mapping genes responsibility for PTI to Pseudomonas syringae (bacterial speck) in tomato Dr. Panthee
Patel, Takshay Patel, Takshay (MS) Overexpression of celery mannitol dehydrogenase in tomato increases resistance to mannitol secretin fungal pathogen Botrytis cinerea Dr. Williamson
Phillips, Whitney Phillips, Whitney (MS) Fertility and reproductive behavior of triploid Pyrus calleryana; Utilizing somatic embryogenesis to segregate tissue chimeras in Prunus serruata; Taxonomic revision of Fothergilla spp. Dr. Ranney
Riley, Elizabeth Riley, Elizabeth (PhD) Evaluation of filter bed media composition and plant species for rain gardens and appropriate N rate and N:P:K ratios for the production of herbaceous perennials Dr. Kraus
Roberts, David Roberts, David (MS) Genome size survey, allelism study inheritance study, foliar pigment analysis of Cercis Dr. Werner
Schumann, Mitchell Schumann, Mitchell (MS) Linkage map and QTL analysis of nutritional and horticultural traits in tetraploid potatoes Dr. Yencho
Suchoff, David Suchoff, David (MS) Vigor as a function of nitrogen use efficiency in grafted tomatoes and grafted watermelon Dr. Schultheis
VandenLangenberg, Kyle VandenLangenberg, Kyle (PhD) Studying the inheritance and genetic mechanism behind the new source of resistance to downy mildew in cucumber Dr. Wehner
Wolfe, Joe Wolfe, Joe (MS) Weed science Dr. Neal
Yada, Benard Yada, Benard (PhD) Development of SSR markers and QTL analysis of disease and pest resistance in sweetpotato Dr. Yencho
Yow, Ashley Yow, Ashley (MS) Using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to analyze transcriptome sequences of blueberry cv. Arlen in response to mummy berry (Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi) Dr. Ashrafi
Zhou, Junyan Zhou, Junyan (MHS) An evaluation and comparison of perferences of plants in small urban green spaces Ms. Sherk