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Horticulture Careers / Horticulture Jobs

Consider a career in horticulture

Horticultural Science is a field with expanding opportunities as a student and professional. Please take a few moments to learn some interesting facts about our department, culture, careers and salaries.

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Horticulture Career List

Horticulturalists have many great career opportunities due to the range of inter-related studies and its human impact. Horticultural Science encompasses all the core sciences - biology, geology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, related sciences and technology.

Employers of NC Horticulture Jobs

North Carolina's horticulture industry is thriving with potential employers. The North Carolina horticulture industry covers food and non-food related sectors with work as instructors, advisors, growers, landscape designers and researchers amongst others.

Employers of US Horticulture Jobs

Horticulturalists are needed nationally and cover many industries. Below are a few house-hold names that employ horticultural scientists.

Horticulture Employers by Industry

Horticultural Science industry covers marketing, education, healthcare and commerce that provide vital contributions to society. Learn about the variety of horticultural employer industries.

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