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Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships (Undergraduate) and Fellowships (Graduate) are available to Horticultural Science Students.

To apply for scholarships, submit the completed Departmental Scholarship Application to the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Department of Horticultural Science Scholarships

  • Walter E. Ballinger (Endowed)
  • Bartlett Tree Foundation, Inc. Grant-in-Aid
  • Steve Coble Memorial (Endowed)
  • Fred D. Cochran Horticultural (Endowed)
  • Franklin E. Correll Memorial (Endowed)
  • Herb Society of Wake County
  • Roy A. Larson Floricultural (Endowed)
  • North Carolina Horticultural Council (Endowed)
  • North Carolina Sweetpotato Commission (Endowed)
  • L. Dow Pender, Jr.
  • Pi Alpha Xi (Endowed)
  • Margaret Pittman Horticultural Science (Endowed)
  • Raleigh Garden Club
  • John Elwood Scott (Endowed)
  • Henry Steinmetz Horticultural Science (Endowed)
  • Weed Science Society of North Carolina

Department of Horticultural Science Fellowships

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Scholarships

North Carolina State University Scholarships

State and Local Scholarships

National Scholarships

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Research Endowments for Faculty / Students