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Current Students

Horticulture Academic Faculty

Academic Faculty

Looking for a teaching professor? Take a moment to learn how they became experts and are contributing to horticulture fields such as landscaping, ornamentals, fruit trees and production to name a few.

Horticultural Science Courses

Horticulture Courses

Since horticulture is a diverse subject matter, students have opportunities to concentrate in areas such as general horticulture, food horticulture, ornamental horticulture and landscaping among others.

Horticulture degrees and certificates

Degrees and Certificates

We designed an academic program for you. Our Horticulture Science Department offers certificates through Doctorate degrees. We also have a strong distance education community.

Horticulture jobs and internships

Horticulture Jobs and Internships

The Department of Horticultural Science, alumni and industry contacts collaborate in posting job and internship opportunities for students locally and nationally.

Horticulture travel opportunities

Student Travel Opportunities

The Horticulture Department organizes several regional, national, and international student field trips throughout the year. The horticulture expeditions often include visits to national sites, botanical gardens, parks and public/private estates.

Horticulture clubs and societies

Student Organizations

Join a horticulture organization and meet others with the same career, lifestyle and recreational interests. Horticulture clubs and societies discover greenhouses, study ornamentals, enjoy great speakers and events. Enrich your life and build friendships through plants!

Apply to Horticulture

How do I Apply?

Whether you are focusing on a certificate, undergraduate or graduate program, Horticulture Science has an individually designed program for you. Take the next step towards your future.

Horticulture scholarships and fellowships

Scholarships and Fellowships

Searching for horticulture scholarships or fellowships can be difficult and time consuming. Take a moment and learn about opportunities available to horticulture science students.