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Other Graduate Certificate Courses in Horticultural Science

Five courses (15 credit hours) are required. The student and his/her advisor will select from a list of horticulture science courses. At least three courses in the certificate must be from the Department of Horticultural Science.

The remaining two courses may also be from horticultural science, or from one of the following areas: Agricultural and Resource Economics, Agricultural and Extension Education, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Crop Science, Entomology, Food Science, Plant Pathology, and Soil Science.

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester, and courses may be cancelled occasionally due to low enrollment. Check with your advisor and consult DELTA’s current course catalog for the most up-to-date course listings.

Horticulture Graduate Certificate
online course catalog:
(organized by session)
Spring | Fall | 10 Week Summer | First Summer | Second Summer

Course # Title Units
AEE 435 Professional Presentations in Agricultural Organizations 3
AEE 460 Organizational Leadership Development in Agriculture 3
AEE 495  Special Topic: Biotechnology 3
AEE 500 Agricultural Education, Schools and Society 3
AEE 501 Foundations of Agricultural and Extension Education 3
AEE 503 Youth Program Management 3
AEE 505  Trends and Issues in Agricultural and Extension Education 3
AEE 521  Program Planning in Agricultural and Extension Education 3
AEE 523 Adult Education in Agriculture 3
AEE 526  IT in Agricultural and Extension Education 3
AEE 530 Priority Management in Ag and Extension Education 3
AEE 535 Teaching Agriculture in Secondary Schools 3
AEE 560 Org. and Admin. Leadership in Ag and Exten. Education 3
BAE 570 Soil Water Movement 1
BAE 575  Design of Structural Storm-water Best Practices 3
BAE 576 Watershed Monitoring and Assessment 3
BAE 578 Agricultural Waste Management 3
BAE 590  Biomass-to-Renewable Energy Processes  
BAE 590 Special Topic: Wetlands  
BAE 590 Special Topic: GIS Applications in Precision Agriculture  
BAE 590 GIS Applications in WQ and Hydrologic Modeling 1-3
BAE 590R  Special Topic: Integrating AutoCAD Civil3D and GIS  
BAE 771  Theory Of Drainage--Saturated Flow 3
CS 424 Seed Physiology 3
CS 495 Special Topic: Sustainability of Tropical Agroecosystems  
CS 590 Special Topic: Sustainability of Tropical Agroecosystems  
CS 714 Crop Physiology: Plant Response to Environment 3
FS 407 Risk Analysis/Hazard Analysis in Food Safety 3
FS 453 Food Laws and Regulations 3
FS 495K Special Topic: Food Sanitation  
FS 495R Special Topic: Good Manufacturing Practices  
FS 495X Special Topic: Hazard Analysis  
FS 495Y Special Topic: Microbiology/Microbial Hazards  
ENT 425 General Entomology 3
PB 480 Introduction to Plant Biotechnology 3
PB 595 Special Topic: Plant Resources, People, and Religion of China  
SSC 470 Wetland Soils 3
SSC 532 Soil Microbiology 4
SSC 541 Soil Fertility 3
SSC 551 Soil Morphology, Genesis and Classification 3
SSC 562 Environmental Applications of Soil Science  

For additional course information, visit course listing on DELTA.