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Distance Education Courses in Horticulture

Distance education (DE) course are available to anyone that wants to learn but doesn’t have time to sit in a classroom and be tied to a fixed class schedule. The Department of Horticulture offers undergraduate and graduate Distance Education courses in a wide variety of subject areas. These online courses carry academic credits that can be transferred to degree programs at NC State or at other colleges or universities.

Online courses are open to anyone who is admitted to the University as a degree student, or non-degree seeking student, and who has met the course prerequisites. They are designed for optimum schedule flexibility, allowing you to balance your studies with work, family, or other life responsibilities.

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester, and courses may be cancelled occasionally due to low enrollment. Check with your advisor and consult DELTA’s current course catalog for the most up-to-date course listings.

Distance Education courses in horticulture (organized by session)
Fall | 10 Week Summer | First Summer | Second Summer | Spring

See further details by visiting the NC State Distance Education courses page.

Course # Title Preq Units
HS 200 Home Horticulture   3
HS 201 Principles of Horticulture   3
HS 203 Home Plant Propagation   3
HS 204 Home Landscape Maintenance Y 3
HS 205 Home Food Production 3
HS 250 Home Landscape Design   3
HS 423 General Viticulture Y 3
HS 432 Permaculture: Sustainable Living   3
HS 451 Plant Nutrition Y 3
HS 462 Postharvest Physiology Y 3
HS 495 Experimental Courses in Horticultural Science 1-6
HS 532 Introduction to Permaculture Y
HS 541 Plant Breeding Methods Y 3
HS 550 Environmental Nursery Production Y 3
HS 562 Postharvest Physiology 3
HS 590 Fruit Quality 3
HS 590 Introduction to Viticulture 3
HS 590 Introduction to Permaculture 3
HS 590 Plant Breeding Overview 3
HS 706 Fruit Development and Postharvest Physiology Y 1
HS 707 Environmental Stress Physiology Y 1
HS 717 Weed Management Systems Y 1
HS 729 Herbicide Behavior in Plants Y 2
HS 790 Diagnostic Criteria for Plant Nutrition 1-3