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Graduate Certificate Program

To earn your graduate certificate, you need to complete only 15 credit hours, 9 credits from Horticulture. No thesis or dissertation is required. Courses are taught via the Web so you won't need time off from work or face long commutes to campus.


Certificate classes are graduate level courses taught via distance education (DE) through the internet.  Certificate students are assigned an academic advisor from the Horticultural Science graduate faculty. The student and advisor reflect on the student’s personal and professional goals to design an individual course of study. Due to the diversity of subject matter and learner interest, students within the certificate program may concentrate their work in areas such as general horticulture, food horticulture, and ornamental horticulture.

Apply at the NCSU Graduate School, or for more information about CALS DE courses and program applications, visit The College of Agricultural Sciences site.


The Certificate in Horticultural Science is a non-degree program offered through the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University. The program is designed to increase personal knowledge and skills for current or future employment in the horticultural industry.

Participants must hold a bachelor’s degree to enroll in this program. Applicants should have majored in horticulture, crop science, plant science, or agricultural education with a concentration in plant science, or another closely related degree. 

Enrollees must complete a minimum of five courses resulting in at least 15 credit hours, 9 of the credit hours must be Horticultural Science courses, in order to receive the Certificate in Horticultural Science. Up to 12 credit hours of courses taken during post-baccalaureate studies (PBS) may be used in the certificate program if approved by the student’s advisor.  The student and his/her advisor will select from an extensive list of DE graduate courses to design an individual program, and all certificate course work must be completed within four years of enrollment.

Visit the Graduate Certificate in Horticultural Science distance education website to learn more about tuition, deadlines, and other important information.