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Courses - Graduate Certificate in Horticultural Science

Students enrolled in the Certificate program may take all 15 hours from the Department of Horticultural Science. Or, they may choose at least nine hours from Horticultural Science, with remaining credit hours from approved classes in other departments.

The links below list all courses approved to meet HS Certificate requirements, along with credit hours and tentative semester offerings (when available). The course list is also available in Microsoft Word.

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester, and courses may be cancelled occasionally due to low enrollment. Check with your advisor and consult DELTA’s current course catalog for the most up-to-date course listings.

Horticulture Science Graduate Certificate
online course catalog:
(organized by session)
Spring | Fall | 10 Week Summer | First Summer | Second Summer

Course # Title Units Semester
HS 422 Small Fruit Production 3  
HS 523 General Viticulture 3 Spring - odd years
HS 532 Introduction to Permaculture 3 Fall, Spring
HS (CS) 541 Plant Breeding Methods 3 Fall
HS 543 Food Production in Greenhouses and High Tunnels 3
HS 550 Environmental Nursery Production 3 Spring - odd years
HS (FS) 562  Postharvest Physiology  1 Spring
HS 583 Advanced Floral Crop Production and Handling 3 Spring - odd years
HS 590 Special Topics: Plant Breeding Overview for non-Majors 1 Fall - even years
HS 590 Specal Topics: Physiology and Culture of Temperate Zone Tree Fruits 3 Spring - odd years
HS 703 Breeding Asexually Propagated Crops 1 Fall
HS 706 Fruit Development and Postharvest Physiology 1 Fall
HS 707 Environmental Stress Physiology 1 Fall - odd years
HS (CS) 729 Herbicide Behavior In Plants 2 Spring
HS 790 Special Topics: Diagnostic Criteria for Plant Nutrition 3
HS 790 Special Topics: Integrated Breeding Databases 1 Fall - even years

Visit the Graduate Certificate in Horticultural Science distance education website to learn more about tuition, deadlines, and other important information.