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Horticultural Science Facilities - Graduate Student Handbook

Kilgore Hall

The Department is fortunate to have an excellent office, laboratory and classroom facility like Kilgore Hall. Horticultural Science research laboratories are available for use by graduate students in their research programs regardless of whether their major professor is in charge of such a facility. However, a particular faculty member or members are responsible for each laboratory. Thus, permission may be obtained from the faculty member(s) in charge of the facility prior to use of space, equipment or supplies in a laboratory. The initial contact to obtain permission should be made by the major professor, not by the graduate student. Neither faculty nor their students should request such permission from departmental technicians without first contacting the project leader(s). Adherence to these procedures will ensure that the major professor understands that the student has made such a request, and ensure that adequate funding, space and equipment is available to cover the proposed activity.

All students should review and be familiar with all safety procedures and concerns pertinent to each laboratory. Any student involved in laboratory research is required to read the Lab Safety Handbook for that particular laboratory. All _blank students are also required to participate in the NCSU Safety Training Seminar. This activity is coordinated by Mr. Roger Batts (256 Kilgore). 

CALS On-Campus Greenhouses

The Department is fortunate to have the headhouse/greenhouse complex directly behind Kilgore Hall. All greenhouse usage by graduate students must be coordinated through their major professors, who make requests for space to the Departmental Greenhouse Committee. For day-to-day needs, students should contact the Greenhouse Superintendent.

University Research Units (Raleigh Area)

The NC Agricultural Research Service maintains several research units in the Raleigh area. Horticultural Science utilizes three of them. Horticulture Field Laboratory (HFL) located on Beryl Road, is primarily used by Horticultural Science, but Entomology, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, and Plant Pathology also conduct research on horticultural crops on that facility. The HFL has several specialized facilities. These include: JC Raulston Arboretum, nursery container research areas for cultural and disease research, special vegetable greenhouses, coolers and greenhouses for floriculture research, cold-frames, and land for fruit, vegetable and ornamentals production.

The HFL has a superintendent who should be contacted for day-to-day needs. All land and space needs must be coordinated by the major professor, who makes requests to the departmental committee. 

Outlying Research Stations


The Phytotron is located in Gardner Hall and is readily accessible to the faculty and students. A Phytotron Procedural Manual describing the facility is available. Graduate students are encouraged to utilize this excellent facility but they must coordinate all needs with their major professors. All requests must be reviewed by a special Phytotron Committee in order to obtain space to conduct research. 

Office of Information Technology (OIT) Services for Students

If you are a student at NC State, you have access to one of the most advanced technology infrastructures in higher education. OIT provides IT services for all NC State students.

SAS Consulting, Department of Statistics, NCSU

The NCSU Department of Statistics has SAS consultants to provide assistance with statistical computing to researchers and graduate students affiliated with North Carolina State University. Assistance is provided for analyzing research data. Assistance is not provided with class work.

Plant Disease and Insect Clinic

The Departments of Entomology and Plant Pathology operate a fully staffed plant disease and insect diagnostic service in 1227 Gardner Hall. This service supports the research and extension programs and is an excellent asset. Graduate students are encouraged to visit the clinic. 

NC State Libraries

There is no departmental reference library. The D. H. Hill Library is located a short distance from Kilgore Hall. It has an excellent selection of horticultural journals and reference books.

Center for Electron Microscopy

The Center for Electron Microscopy is located in 1223 Gardner Hall and has a director who is responsible for all research use and teaching programs relative to the CEM.