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Courses - Undergraduate Certificate Program

Students enrolled in the Certificate program may take all 15 hours from the Department of Horticultural Science. Or, they may choose at least twelve hours from Horticultural Science, with remaining credit hours from approved classes in other departments. 

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester, and courses may be cancelled occasionally due to low enrollment. Check with your advisor and consult DELTA’s current course catalog for the most up-to-date course listings.

Students must complete the 15 hours of course work required plus any course prerequisites within 4 calendar years, beginning with the date the student commences courses applicable to the certificate.

DELTA course catalog (organized by session)
Fall | 10 Week Summer | First Summer | Second Summer | Spring

Required Courses (6 credit hours)

Course # Title Preq Units
HS 201 World of Horticulture: Principles and Practices   3
HS 203 Home Plant Propagation   3

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Select 3-4 courses from the following:

Course # Title Preq Units
HS 200 Home Horticulture   3
HS 202 Power of Plants: Appreciation and Use   3
HS 204 Home Landscape Maintenance Y 3
HS 205 Home Food Production   3
HS 250 Home Landscape Design   3
HS 280 Hands-On Horticulture   3
HS 431 Vegetable Production Y 4
HS 432 Permaculture: Sustainable Living   3
HS 451 Plant Nutrition Y 3
HS 462 Postharvest Physiology Y 3

One course (of the 9 elective credit hours) may be selected from the following:

PP 315 Principles of Plant Pathology   3
PP 318 Forest Pathology Y 4
CS210 Lawn and Sports Turf   3
ENT 425 General Entomology Y 3
SSC 200 Soil Science Y 3
SSC 341 Soil Fertility and Fertilizers Y 3

Visit the Undergraduate Certificate in General Horticulture distance education website to learn more about tuition, deadlines, and other important information.