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How to Apply - Undergraduate Certificate Program

Enrollees in the certificate program must complete 15 credit hours. Working with your adviser, you may choose from a list of approved horticultural courses and/or other appropriate courses from selected departments. At least twelve credit hours must be horticultural science courses. Students are asked to complete a plan of work (POW) so advisors can track their progress as they complete the certificate.

For information on tuition, deadlines, and other important information, visit the Horticultural Science distance education site at DELTA.

  • Step 1:

    Determine if you should apply to be an NDS student.

    You should apply to be a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) student if you are a:

    • New student at NC State
    • Returning NDS student (who has missed one or more regular semesters)
    • Person who has had a high school diploma or GED less than one year and wishes to take courses during Summer Sessions
  • Step 2:

    Apply to be a non-degree seeking student.

    Please complete the Non-Degree Studies Application online or download the application in PDF format. All applicants are required to pay a $25.00 non-refundable NDS application processing fee. The application is effective for a period of one year.

    INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS: All prospective students in a non-immigrant status must complete the Distance Education Clearance Form for International Applicants. This form should be completed and returned to the Distance Education office with the appropriate documentation via fax, e-mail (as a PDF or JPEG attachment), regular mail, or in person before each semester.

  • Step 3:

    Apply to the Department of Horticultural Science.

    Please download the Horticulture Science Undergraduate Certificate Application and mail the required items and completed form to the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Certificate Program.

  • Step 4:

    Receive information for enrollment

    All applications to NC State undergo a review process and admissions decision. If your application is approved, we will provide you with all the information you need to enroll in classes online: your Unity ID and password. Applications are usually processed within five business days of receipt and you will receive your enrollment information via e-mail. NDS students can enroll in available courses beginning with the Open Enrollment period of the registration cycle.

For further details on how to apply for the Horticulture Science Undergraduate Certificate Program, visit DELTA on how to apply as a non-degree student.