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Weed control can be one of the most costly risks in the production of container-grown nursery crops.  Any control program begins with the correct identification of the weeds present, along with an understanding of their life cycles and modes of reproduction and spread.  Treated here are the most common weeds of outdoor container nurseries, as well as a selection of recently introduced species with the potential to spread.

This work is based in large part on Weeds of Container Nurseries (Neal & Derr 2005), but builds on that treatment through the addition of multi-access keys, taxa, and images. [TOP]

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The original project was funded by a partnership with the US Department of Agriculture Risk Management Education Program in cooperation with the North Carolina Association of Nurserymen, and grants from the Virginia Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  The current amplification was funded by a grant to Krings and Neal by the North Carolina State University Department of Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development.  We thank David Spratte (Sky2x Creative) for design and CSS developmental assistance, and Laura Heller and Alicia Smith for imaging assistance. We would like to continue to improve this tool and would value your input. Please send feedback and any suggestions for improvement to

Suggested citation: Bernard, C.S., A. Krings, J.C. Neal, and J.F. Derr. 2009–present. Weeds of container nurseries in the United StatesMobile 1.0. North Carolina State University, Raleigh. [TOP]