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                                                         by C. Farrow, A. Krings, and M. Kruger.  2003.

Illustrated catalogue of small seeds
in the NCSC seed and fruit collection

We provide a searchable catalogue of nearly 600 seed images based on the NCSC seed and fruit collection.  Seeds were imaged by Curtesa Farrow as part of a directed independent study (BO 493).  Web design and database editing were carried out by Alexander Krings and Mary Kruger.  Currently only small seeds held at NCSC are included.  Thus, primarily large seeded groups like the oaks, hickories, buckeyes, etc. are excluded.  Unfortunately, some small-seeded taxa are represented by poor samples.  As better samples are collected, we will update these images appropriately.  All images are copyright of the North Carolina State University Herbarium, but may be used free of charge for educational purposes.  To verify current nomenclature, we suggest cross-referencing with the USDA, NRCS PLANTS database.  

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