Staff and associated personnel


Alexander Krings, PhD, FLS
Herbarium (NCSC)
Department of Plant and Microbial Biology
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7612

Correspondent for all herbarium related business, including loan inqueries and plant identification requests.  Contact: or 919.515.2700.


Taxonomy and Systematics

Paul R. Fantz, PhD Taxonomy of cultivated plants
Professor Emeritus and legumes.
Department of Horticultural Science
Alexander Krings, PhD, FLS Taxonomy of New World
Assistant Professor and Director climbing plants, particularly
of the Vascular Plant Herbarium Apocynaceae-Asclepiadoideae
Department of Plant Biology rare plants; Poaceae.
Jenny Xiang, PhD Plant systematics and evolution of flowering plants
Professor with emphasis on the
Department of Plant Biology dogwood and buckeye families
and intercontinental disjuncts. 
Ecology and Floristics
William A. Hoffmann, PhD Tropical ecology, ecophysiology, global change
Associate Professor  
Department of Plant Biology  
Jon M. Stucky, PhD Experimental species biology of
Professor Emeritus endangered plants; wetland plant biology.
Department of Plant Biology  
Thomas R. Wentworth, PhD Plant community ecology
Department of Plant Biology
Donna Wright Floristics and ecology
Teaching Technician Emerita
Department of Plant Biology
Medicinal and Ethnobotany
Jillian De Gezelle, PhD Ethnobotany
Teaching Assistant  Professor
Department of Plant Biology
Deyu Xie, PhD Phytochemistry, metabolic
Associate  Professor engineering, medicinal botany
Department of Plant Biology  
James E. Mickle, PhD Paleobotany
Department of Plant Biology
Other affiliates
Janice Coffey-Swab, PhD Taxonomy; Juncus
Professor Emerita
Department of Biology
Meredith College