Workshops and hikes

Please see below for details regarding upcoming events.


9 Oct 2020: Rare Plants of North Carolina (Criteria III, Environmental Education Certification)

Location: North Carolina State University, 4707 Bostian Hall.

Time: 9 am - 1 pm (please bring your own lunch).

Leader: Dr. Alexander Krings.

Description: Through the workshop, participants will develop a deeper awareness of the importance of the flora of North Carolina and the Southeast, the causes and consequences of species rarity, and the impact of humans (both positive and negative). Participants will gain deeper knowledge of patterns in the flora in the Southeast and North Carolina, deeper competence in identifying rare plants and habitats, and deeper understanding of the ecological requirements of species and communities. Increased understanding of rarity, including its causes and consequences, as well as knowledge of ecological requirements, provides the baseline for informed, active participation in environmental management, improvement, and protection. Deeper knowledge of rare species and their habitats facilitates informed identification of potential ecological impacts of proposed or on-going habitat-affecting activities. This workshop will be held indoors.

Maximum number of participants: 25.

Cost: Free.

Registration: To register, please send an email to

11 Oct 2020: Flora of Buxton Woods

Location: Buxton Woods, Hatteras Island

Time: TBD.

Leader: Dr. Alexander Krings.

Description: Explore one of the Outer Banks’ hidden gems and learn more about our magical maritime forests. Join us for a hike on the trails through Buxton Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve, with a focus on native plants.

Maximum number of participants: TBD.

Cost: TBD.

Registration: Not yet available. Check back soon for details.