College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department of Plant Pathology

2000 Betty Bentley Award

Anne E. Jenns

Dr. Margo Daub and Dr. Anne Jenns

Dr. Anne E. Jenns is a native of England, and received her B.Sc. degree from Wye College of the University of London in 1975. She came to the United States to do her graduate work with Dr. Joe Kuc in the Department of Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky. There she conducted pioneering work on induced resistance in plants, and earned her Ph.D. in plant pathology in 1979. After receiving her degree, she joined the Department of Plant Pathology at NC State, working with Dr. Kurt Leonard on quantitative resistance. She joined Margo Daub's lab in 1984 as a postdoctoral associate, and is currently a laboratory research specialist in the department.

During her graduate work and her tenure at NC State, Anne has conducted fundamental research leading to a new understanding of plant diseases and methods for their control. Anne's many contributions include the development of methodologies for gene transfer into plants and the identification of genes which are required for resistance to plant pathogen toxins.

Dr. Barabara Shew (program chair) and Dr. Anne Jenns

On top of her work in the laboratory, Anne has also been an active contributor to the Department. She has served as the departmental coordinator for the University Combined Fund Campaign, and as an active member of the departmental SPA, space, and as a member of holiday social committees. She also coordinated a workshop on back care for the departmental SPA association and started a departmental book club.

Anne has contributed extensively outside of the University, both in science education and for community and international organizations. She is a member of the Research Triangle Science and Mathematics Partnership, an organization that puts scientists into classrooms in Chatham, Durham, Granville, Orange, and Wake counties. She has taught courses for the PAGE (Parents for the Advancement of Gifted Education) program and has worked with middle school students to provide guidance and assistance with their school science projects. She is an active member of the Boylan Heights neighborhood organization and has worked with her neighbors to improve housing in the neighborhood. She has for many years been an active member of Amnesty International and has worked tirelessly on issues related to international human rights.

Anne is married to Marshall Hardy, and they have two children, Elizabeth and William.

– Dr. Margo Daub