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Plant Disease and Insect Clinic

Pest Threats

New threats

As a member of the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN external link)and Southern Plant Diagnostic Network (SPDN external link), the Plant Disease and Insect Clinic cooperates with many organizations and institutions to quickly detect pests and pathogens that have been introduced into agricultural and natural ecosystems, identify them, and immediately report them to appropriate responders and decision makers.

Some recently identified or exotic pests that threaten plant life in North Carolina are:

More information about specific pest threats can be found at the NPDN external link and SPDN external link websites. The PDIC also participates in training first responders to identify pest threats. Check Webinars and Training for more information.

If you suspect that you have found one of these pests, call 1-800-206-9333 or report by email:

Established threats


North Carolina also experiences periodic insect outbreaks and epidemics of established diseases. Early identification of these problems through samples submitted to the Plant Disease and Insect Clinic provides opportunities for a timely response. Common threats include:

Please contact a County Agent or Master Gardener if you suspect one of these threats. They can determine whether a sample should be submitted to the PDIC for positive identification and recommendations.

Cooperating institutions