Jami Benson


CALS Major: Biological Sciences with a concentration in Human Biology

CHASS Major: Spanish Language and Literature

Activities/clubs: University Scholar, Hall Council Advertising Committee Chair for Bowen Residence Hall, Member of HOSA and Pre-Health Club 

Hobbies: Rock climbing, Mountain Biking, Dancing, Arts and Crafts

Favorite Books:Fantasy novels such as Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and Eragon (We all need to keep our inner kid alive!); Firefly Lane, and mystery novels

Favorite Music: Everything! 

Favorite Movies: Usually the movies that go along with the books I read and also comedies. P.S.-Lion King and Aristocats were two of the best movies ever made :)

"If growing up means it's beneath me to climb a tree, I'll never grow up! Never, not me!"- Peter Pan