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The NCSU Chemistry-Biology Interface / RNA Biology Group

Graduate Studies

Interdisciplinary training and experience in CBI/RNA Biology resulting in a Ph.D. in Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, Crop Science, Microbiology, Forestry, Plant Pathology, Botany, Computer Science, Chemistry, Molecular Biomedical Sciences, or Population Health and Pathobiology.


  • Interdisciplinary laboratory rotations in the first year.
  • Interdisciplinary graduate advisory committee.
  • Doctoral thesis research with an interdisciplinary approach to a topic related to RNA Biology.
  • Attendance and presentations of research at regional, national, and international scientific conferences.


All course requirements of academic major, plus:

  • Prerequisites (one of following):
    • BCH 553, Biochemistry of Gene Expression (3 cr. hrs.)
    • BCH 701, Macromolecular Structure (3 cr. hrs.)
    • BCH 703, Macromolecular Synthesis and Regulation (3 cr. hrs.)
    • CH 795, Physical Methods and Biological Chemistry (3 cr. Hrs)
    • MB/GN 758, Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics (3 cr. hrs.)
  • Core Courses:
    • RNA Bioinformatics (new, 3 cr. hrs.)
    • BCH/MB 801R, Seminar in RNA Biology (1 cr. hr.)
    • Quantitative Biology/Chemistry/Bioinformatics (3 cr. hrs.) (CH 795K, BCH, 751, ST 511, CS/GN/HS 745, or CS/GN 501
    • Capstone Course: BCH/GN 768, RNA Structure and Function
  • Recommended Courses:
    • BCH 751 Biophysical (macromolecular) Chemistry (3 cr. hrs.)
    • BIT 569 RNA Purification and Analysis (3 cr. hrs.)
    • CSC 791 Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Signal Processing
  • Professional Development:
    • BIT/MB 815K, Research Ethics/Professional Development (1 cr. hr.)
    • Annual RNA Biology Research Symposium and Retreat presentation.
    • Symposium on RNA Biology (each odd-numbered year); research presentation and participation on planning committee
    • Department-sponsored seminars
    • Entrepreneurial course with the NC State’s Office of Tech Transfer
    • Teaching requirement of one course in one semester.
Financial Aid

Research and teaching assistantships are available to support graduate students. Tuition remission and competitive stipends are offered through research and teaching assistantships in each of the participating Departments.


Applications to any of the participating departments should be complete by January 15th for fall admission and should be completed online at the NCSU Graduate School web site. Undergraduate transcripts, a letter describing the applicant's research/professional interests, three letters of reference, and scores from the General Test of the Graduate Record Examinations are required in addition to the University application form. NCSU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity educator. Minorities and women are encouraged to apply.

If you're interested in graduate study in CBI/RNA Biology, we encourage you to contact us by mail, phone or email as soon as possible.

CBI/RNA Biology Group
Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
North Carolina State University
Box 7622
Raleigh, NC 27695
(919) 515-5679 Phone
(919) 515-2047 Fax

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