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The NCSU Chemistry-Biology Interface / RNA Biology Group

Links to related resources

The RNA Society
The RNA Society is a multidisciplinary society, representing molecular, evolutionary and structural biology, biochemistry, biomedical sciences, chemistry, genetics, and virology as they relate to questions of the structure and function of RNA and of ribonucleoprotein assemblies.
The NC RNA Society
The NC RNA Society's mission is to promote communication and collaboration among individuals interested in the biological and chemical aspects of ribonucleic acid and to promote implementation of new technology resulting from research on all properties of RNA.
RNA (journal)
RNA serves as an international forum for publishing original reports on RNA research in the broadest sense. The journal aims to unify this field by cutting across established disciplinary lines and focusing on "RNA-centered" science.
RNA Biology (journal)
This multidisciplinary journal publishes original research articles and reviews covering the latest aspects of molecular, biological and biomedical studies of genomic RNA. We will also include timely minireviews on broad scope of the journal. The goal is to foster communication and rapid exchange of information through timely publication of important results using traditional as well as electronic formats.
The RNA World web site
The RNA World Website at FLI Jena. This web resource lists Internet links on RNA related topics.
The RNase P Database
A compilation of RNase P RNA sequences, secondary structures, alignments, and three-dimensional structures.
BioEdit is a biological sequence alignment editor written for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. An intuitive multiple document interface with convenient features makes alignment and manipulation of sequences relatively easy on your desktop computer. Several sequence manipulation and analysis options and links to external anaylsis programs facilitate a working environment which allows you to view and manipulate sequences with simple point-and-click operations.

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