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The Center for Electron Microscopy, requires liquid nitrogen in the transmission electron microscopes.   Since it is readily available through the Center, many investigators who use small quantities (normally 1-2 L, but occasionally 20 L) have chosen to get their liquid nitrogen from the Center.

Liquid nitrogen (LN 2), a cold compressed gas, can be dangerous if proper precautions are not use when dispensing, transporting, and using it.   It is inert, chemically inactive, and non-corrosive at cryogenic temperatures.   The boiling point of LN 2, a colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid, is -196 o C.   Therefore, proper carrying containers, clothing, protective devices and training are required before anyone may obtain LN 2.


Training sessions are offered and required for all people who obtain LN 2 from the Center for Electron Microscopy.   That training will deal with:

  • procurement of LN 2.
  • nature and properties of LN 2.
  • instructions on the equipment to be used.
  • approved containers for transferring LN 2.
  • use and care of protective equipment and clothing.
  • safety and first aid.

These sessions will be taught by Valerie M. Knowlton.   Only those who have attended the training session will have their name put on a list for authorized procurement.   Following completion of the training, each participant will retain the original copy of the training certificate.

This training will be documented in writing and archived for future reference.

For additional information, or to sign up for training, contact:

Valerie M. Knowlton
Center for Electron Microscopy
NCSU Campus Box 7615

Last updated Sept. 23, 2005