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Pre-College Program at NC State University
About Us

The mission of the NC State University North Carolina Mathematics and Science Education Network Pre-College Program (NCSU NC-MSEN PCP) is to prepare underserved students at the middle and high school levels (grades 6-12) for careers in education and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The NCSU NC-MSEN Pre-College Program currently serves 450 students in Franklin, Granville, Johnston, Nash, and Wake Counties through year-round enrichment activities. The program partners with school districts to recruit students from underserved populations who have not been prepared to pursue college preparatory level mathematics and science-based courses. Students participate in exciting, uplifting and challenging activities throughout the school year. The program has had remarkable success in that over 99% of the students proceed to a four-year college or university over the past four years. 70% of the students have decided to pursue a career in education or STEM.

A diverse group of master public school teachers and university staff comprise the staff that supplements the education provided in public schools. To participate in the program, area students must attend a partner school district. Admissions criteria has been established by the University of North Carolina (UNC) System, and the schools and program staff select students for admissions based upon the UNC System criteria. Students must have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher to be eligible for admissions and to maintain membership in the program. The NCSU NC-MSEN PCP offers unique experiences, events and activities for middle and high school students, including:

  • Saturday Academy . These exciting classes are held 12 times throughout the academic school year. During each of the sessions, students engage in various hands-on activities in math, science, communications, and career awareness. Find Out More>
  • Academic Enrichment Class (middle school only) . Students who attend selected middle schools and participate in the NCSU NC-MSEN Pre-College Program must enroll in an elective course called the MSEN Pre-College Class. This class provides assistance with study skills and enrichment in math and science. Find Out More>
  • Academic Chapter of Excellence (ACE) Club (high school only). Students who attend selected high schools may enroll in the ACE club program, sponsored by teachers and/or guidance counselors. The club provides a student peer support group for underserved students who want to pursue academic excellence. Activities include presentations from guest speakers, field trips, and activities that enhance student interest in STEM careers as well as provide college preparation information. In addition, students gain valuable leadership skills by directing club efforts. Students are required to complete a community service project. Find Out More>
  • MSEN Day. This math and science competition event is h eld annually on the 4 th Saturday in late April. 80 students from the NCSU NC-MSEN Pre-College Program compete against students from the other eight NC-MSEN Pre-College Programs across the state. The event location rotates between participating UNC system universities. Students compete against their peers in events ranging from math and science testing to creating water bottle rockets, parachute egg drops, an oratorical contest and a quiz bowl. Find Out More>
  • Awards Program. In mid-May, students are recognized for their outstanding academic work and program participation at a formal awards ceremony. For each school, the students who earn a GPA above a 3.0 or above are recognized. High school students who rank in the top three receive monetary awards. All other students who earn a GPA of 3.0 or higher receive honorable mention awards. Find Out More>
  • Summer Scholars. This program provides summer enrichment in the areas of mathematics, science and technology for middle and high school students who are involved in the NCSU NC-MSEN Pre-College Program. Middle school students take courses in math, science, technology and cultural awareness, while high school students take courses in math, science and technology. A special emphasis is placed in the preparation of students for their fall math course. Find Out More>
  • Leadership Retreat. Each October, an annual retreat is provided for high school students who are ACE club officers. The retreat is held in Reidsville at the Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center. Find Out More>
  • Parental Involvement. Parents have a special place in this program. All parents belong to the Parents Involved in Excellence Club. Each school hosts a PIE club, which provides support for the students and their activities. The sky is the limit for this organization. Some PIE clubs at the high schools even provide scholarships for graduating seniors. Find Out More>
  • Other Activities. A wide variety of field trips and campus tours are provided throughout the school year for students.