Modeling and Control of Advanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Processes:
The Control of Defects in Mixed III-V Compound Heterostructures


     Our overall efforts are to design an efficient rapid thermal OMCVD reactor  system, including efforts to study the initial phases for heteroepitaxial growth of GaP/Ga(x)IN(1-x)P heterostructures on silicon substrates. The approach involves a combination of remote plasma-assisted nitridation, as the processing approach, and PRS, as the real-time monitoring approach. Other topics include development of real-time measurement techniques, models for nonlinear deposition in a RTOMCVD reactor, and computational methods in support of design of reactor and real time feed back control. 


K.J. Bachmann
H.T. Banks
N. Dietz
K. Ito
M.J. Kushner
G. Lucovsky
S. Mahajan
J.S. Scroggs
H.T. Tran


Research Associates:  

G.M. Kepler

Istvan Lauko

Fuchao Wang


Graduate Students:

Stacie LeSure

Sonya McCall

Vijay Narayanan

Vincent Woods


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