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South East Conference on Applied Mathematics

November 9-11, 2001

Center for Research in Scientific Computation, Raleigh, NC 27695


Registration: Please, fill out the form below if you plan on attending the conference. Financial support is available for young researchers (recent PhD) and graduate students. At this time, we seek contributed presentations (either 20 mn contributed talk or poster presentation). Indicate below if you wish to give a presentation and/or if you seek financial support. Titles and abstracts (not to exceed 200 words) must be received by September 28, 2001. In addition, there is a registration fee of $35 to pay for the conference dinner and a cocktail party. Please make check payable to "North Carolina State University (SECAM)". All correspondence (title/abstract and check) should be sent to the address given below and must be received by September 28, 2001.

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* P: poster, C: contributed talk, N: do not give a presentation.

Note: in case your browser has trouble with the above form (this is the case of some fancy browsers such as mozilla or konqueror), just email the above information.

Inquiries: SECAM, Attn: Pierre A. Gremaud, Dept. of Math & CRSC, NCSU, Raleigh, NC 27695-8205, phone: 919-515-3085, fax: 919-515-1636, email: