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June 9-13, 2003

SAMSI and the CRSC hosted a one week undergraduate workshop for college juniors and seniors during the 2002-2003 academic year. During the first day, a summary of research activities in the programs on Stochastic Computation and Environmental Modeling were be presented. In days two through five, participants were involved in a hands-on experience in Inverse Problems. The students used mathematical and statistical models to analyze experimental data they collected in the CRSC/Math Instructional Research Laboratory. Tutorials on modeling, mathematical and statistical methodology and on the physical experiments being used were distributed to the students. Participants worked together in small teams to collect data and analyze it using mathematical and statistical software provided.

The first day was held at SAMSI in Research Triangle Park. Below are some images from the presentations:


The rest of the time was spent at NCSU :

The participants were:

Team 1: Christian Douglas (not pictured), Lara Stroud, and Edward Bakewell

Team 2: Jimena Davis, Heidi Charpentier, and Daphne Williams

Team 3: Sonia Parker, Christina Morrison, and Kimberly Sergent

Team 4: Amelia Nutter, Ryan Ziemiecki, and Matthew Lanctot

Team 5: Anh Tu Pham, Rob Schoen, and Emily Billing

Recreational activities included going to a Durham Bulls baseball game and a barbecue at the lake:

Thanks to the participants, and everyone who helped out, for making this year's Undergraduate Workshop successful!




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